Pinhole and The Art of Invention
April 29 - May 20 2017
Curated by Anthony Carr

Since its discovery, photography has aided scientific breakthroughs and allowed us to see things well beyond our human capabilities. From the microscopic to the distant, the magnetic to the negatively charged, photography has made visible, the invisible. And behind all these breakthroughs is a passion for invention and developments in technology and apparatus. This pinhole-focussed photography exhibition celebrates this art of invention and the inventiveness of artists by including photographers who build homemade cameras and mechanisms to serve a specific purpose. These innovative apparatuses will take centre stage and be given the limelight their ingeniousness deserves. Pinhole and the Art of Invention is thus an exhibition championing the cameras behind the images.

Participating exhibition collaborators are Daniel Berrange, Anthony Carr, Andrew Chisholm, Nicholas Middleton, Howard Moiser and Emma Simpson.

The exhibition preview is on Friday 28 April between 18.30 - 20.30. Everyone welcome.

Pinhole cameras by Anthony Carr (left) and Emma Simpson (right)
'Capella' by Daniel Berrange is a pinhole box camera made from Lego
A small selection of images of some of the pinhole cameras invented by Howard Mosier
Installation shot including works by Emma Simpson, Nicholas Middleton, and Andrew Chisholm
Further installation shots from Pinhole and The Art of Invention at Monty's