Anthony Carr, June 19 - 24 July
Under The Arc

Under The Arc is a collection of recent photographs and sculptures celebrating our celestial neighbour, the moon.

In 1793 William Blake published the picture-book 'For Children: The Gates of Paradise' which included the line-engraving 'I want! I want!' This image shows a man about to climb a ladder to the moon, presumably to grab it from the heavens. While this approach to space travel is pure lunacy, Blake perfectly illustrates how wonderment often turns into personal greed.

Under The Arc is a study into the connection we have to our nearest celestial neighbour in all its many guises. Through an innocent gaze at its majesty and a celebration of its graceful movement across the heavens, to an exploration of the highly politicised nature of its current status and a sombre glimpse into its future, Under The Arc is also an examination of ourselves and our desires.