Emma Wilde, April 9 - May 8
6. Efficient and imaginative use of resources

The efficient and imaginative use of resources was one of the 6 goals set out by Milton Keynes Development Corporation in the planning of Milton Keynes as a New Town. The Plan, published in 1970, was an attempt to determine the forces that create cities and was the subject of an extensive public participation exercise.

The Corporation was keen to learn from mistakes of previous towns and wanted to re visit Garden City ideals, set out by Ebenezer Howard in the 1890’s; an idealised notion of towns buffered by a lush belt of greenery, separating the industrial from the domestic.
Emma Wilde’s practice focuses on painting and drawing. She is interested in how nature and the built environment co-exist or impose themselves upon each other and the relationships that occur between these liminal spaces. Much of her work has explored forgotten or overlooked pockets of suburban areas in Milton Keynes; ‘Over the last 45 years this planned suburban landscape has been softened, riddled and embellished by the ordered planting of once tender saplings. Watching the town mature over the years, witnessing and recording it’s shifts and moods is in a way a portrait of a burgeoning garden of personal memory and experiences that comes with living in a certain place and time.’
Taking item 6. of The Plan as a curatorial directive this body of work explores the practice of painting and drawing as a type of ‘gardening’ and reflects through its production on the ideal of an ’efficient and imaginative use of resources’

Emma Wilde (b. 1971, London) studied at Norwich University of the Arts and Aberystwyth School of Art. She currently has a studio in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire where she lives and works.
Emma’s work is held in many private collections and she has recently constructed a body of work for the ‘The New Archive’ at NN Contemporary Art, Northampton. Recent exhibitions include Recording Britain Now: Society, New Art Gallery Walsall, (2016), ‘The Discerning Eye,’ Mall Galleries, London, (2015) ‘MK Calling 1 and 2,’ Milton Keynes Gallery, (2015 and 2013), ‘Paintings and Drawings,’ Milton Keynes Arts Centre, (2014), ‘The Drawing Biennial,’ The Drawing Room, London (2013). Last year she was shortlisted for The John Ruskin Prize and in 2013 she was awarded the MK Community Foundation Arts Bursary to support her practice.