Tom Milnes, February 20 - March 20

The invention and popularity of certain technologies has created an array of cultures and subcultures reliant upon the technology. The specific interchange between the progress of science and our response and adaptability to our environment provides a wide range of consumer products to be used as components in artworks. By disregarding their original function the actions, uses and representations employed become humorous and playful; the results reminding us of the speed of technological advance, cultural wastage and the fads enjoyed along the way. Milnes works in an archaeological way, understanding technology’s non-linear development as well as mapping peoples engagement and use of emergent media.
Milnes’ presents a series of new works which focus on responses to media technologies, specifically the archaeologies of photography. Using processes of 3D photogrammetry, Milnes has created sculptural responses to the camera.

Tom Milnes is an artist, curator and researcher living and working in London. His work and interests explore our relationship with technological cultures. Milnes’ use of site-specific work exemplifies different cultures responses to technology with works actively confuse time frames. Recent exhibitions and screenings include: White Marble,Toronto Urban Film Festival (2015), JHB Archive, Birmingham Open Media (2015) and Aspect, Kingsgate Gallery, London (2014)

Milnes was recently the Sandarbh International Artist-in-Residence and Kingsgate Emerging Artist-in-Residence. He is the curator and founder of the online platform Digital Artist Residency.